NLP what is it?

The Seal of Quality of The Society of NLP
The Seal of Quality of The Society of NLP
What is NLP? NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. If you have to explain NLP in one sentence this would be it: “With NLP you learn to use your brain optimally (Neuro) by using language smartly (Linguistic) to unlearn negative patterns and replace them by positive patterns for a better life (Programming)”.

NLP has been developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the 70s. At the University if Santa Cruz they researched the masters of psychotherapy, like Fritz Perls (founder Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir (founder Family Therapy) and Milton Erickson (founder hypnotherapy), to find out what made them so great. What they found was that these masters in helping other people did so despite their psychotherapeutic ideas. It turned out that it was their personal charisma and the way they used their language hypnotically that made them such superstars.

In that process John Grinder and Richard Bandler found a way to map successful human behaviours in such a manner that they were able to become superstars themselves and pass this power on to other people. Today NLP has mapped many more areas besides therapeutic change work. NLP shines in sales, communications and coaching for instance.

The four tasks for the unconscious mind according to NLP

More and more people are using NLP in Delhi nowadays because they want to learn the four tasks of the unconscious mind and the one task of the conscious mind. The four tasks of the unconscious mind are:

  1. make good decisions;
  2. feel good no matter what the circumstances are;
  3. communicate well with others;
  4. achieve your goals.

Most people would think that most of these tasks are best performed consciously. But recent neuroscientific research has shown that our unconscious mind is way better at making decisions than our consciousness. Emotions are mostly regulated unconsciously. Although we know what we are talking about, the words used are produced without conscious thought. Many people have the experience that if they consciously try to achieve their goal that this involves quite a lot of self sabotage, two steps forward, one step back and frustration. Whereas when you let your unconscious mind do the work, achieving your goals becomes a pleasant surprise.

The most important task of the mind is the one task of our consciousness, which is: to enjoy life, making sure you have as many great moments in your life as possible. To make these moments last as long as possible. Not only in real time, but also by slowing time down, getting into the moment and fully experiencing what you see, hear, feel, taste and smell. The importance of this is that in this way you build memories for the future, so that if life is less than great that you are able to relive these great moments. This way life is always fantastic, because you are either in a great moment or relive a great moment. NLP is one of the best ways to achieve this.