Spiritual NLP Practitioner

Licensed NLP Master Trainer Joost van der Leij, creator of the Spiritual NLP Practitioner
Licensed NLP Master Trainer Joost van der Leij, creator of the Spiritual NLP Practitioner

Although NLP Delhi worldwide runs regular Licensed NLP Practitioner™, NLP Coach Practitioners and NLP Branding, Marketing & Sales Practitioner courses (we can do these training programmes in house if need be), NLP Delhi chooses to run the Spiritual NLP Practitioner in Delhi. It very much seems to be the right place.

NLP is a way of elegantly mapping successful human behaviours. Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Joost van der Leij has done this for many magickal and spiritual systems. These include Kabbalah, The Tao, Tarot cards, spell casting & breaking and Yoga of course. All of these are combined with the traditional elements of a regular Licensed NLP Practitioner™ like rapport, the metamodel, the Miltonmodel, achieving goals, anchoring, hypnosis, time lines, swish patterns, chunking, reframing, working with metaphors, submodalities and strategies. For that reason once you have completed the Spiritual NLP Practitioner you will be certified as a Licensed NLP Practitioner™ and receive a license to use the NLP Seal of Quality. Your Licensed NLP Practitioner™ certification is not printed by ourselves, like most NLP institutes do, but is the official certificate of The Society of NLP® with an original signature of Richard Bandler, the creator of NLP. Worldwide, this is the best certification that you can get within the field of NLP.

Most importantly, because NLP almost purely looks at the process of human behaviour rather than its content, the Spiritual NLP Practitioner course is completely compatible with any religion. We have taught this programme to devout christians, muslims, hindus and buddhists among others. The Spiritual NLP Practitioner includes the four scientific forms of spirituality as developed by Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Joost van der Leij. That model not only puts all spiritual experience in a scientific framework, but also makes sure that there is more than enough room for everyone’s personal religious and spiritual experiences, ideas and believes.

NLP Delhi aims at educating you as good as possible about what you can achieve by participating in the Spiritual NLP Practitioner. As we have said before: NLP is easier done than said. For that reason there is the free NLP guide so you can experience NLP yourself. It also includes our testimonials and our statistical research. Furthermore, we have created a very extensive study guide for the Spiritual NLP Practitioner. This guide can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Spiritual NLP Practitioner study guide

The logistical details of the upcoming Spiritual NLP Practitioner are:

Spiritual NLP Practitioner Delhi, India

  • Language: English
  • Number of days: 7
  • Dates: to be annouced
  • Times: 9.30 am till 6pm
  • Location: DLF Club5, Opp. Trinity Tower, Gurgaon – 122002, Haryana, India
  • Fee: Rs 79995 plus 15% service tax (Early bird discount till October 31st: Rs 67500 plus 15% service tax

When you are ready to sign up for the Spiritual NLP Practitioner, please fill in the form below. Once you have filled in the form, our local organizer, Puneet Rathi, will contact you to make arrangements. Signing up early not only guarantees you the early bird rate, but also helps us a lot to make sure the whole course goes smoothly. So take the first step on this wonderful adventure and fill in the form below: