What is the Neurogram®?

The Neurogram®
The Neurogram®
What is the Neurogram®? The Neurogram® is an adapted version of the Enneagram, the ancient Sufi way of personality typing. Adaption is needed because the Enneagram is incompatible with NLP. The way the adaption has been done by Licensed NLP Master Trainer™ Joost van der Leij is by using the Big Five, the most accepted theory about personality within psychology. The Big Five theory is that all personality traits can be reduced to five core traits. If all personality traits can be reduced to the Big Five then, obviously, the Enneagram can be reduced to the Big Five.

This is especially interesting because modern neuroscience shows the links between personality and how neurotransmitters works. Not only is personality integrated in NLP, but it also shows why it is so important to always use both NLP and the Neurogram®. NLP is about what you have learned during your lifetime. In this sense you can see NLP as the software of the mind. Neuroscience shows that personality follows the biology of the brain. In that sense you can see the Neurogram® as a way of mapping the hardware of the brain. Although most of the time you can do almost everything with software (NLP), it becomes of course a lot easier when you take into account the hardware you work with (the Neurogram®).

The reason why it is difficult to make personality typing compatible with NLP is that almost all systems for personality typing have the three drawbacks: they are static, they limit people in what they can do in their lives and personality types seem to change over time if you do the same test over and over again. The Neurogram® counters these drawbacks because the Neurogram® is:

  1. A dynamic system for personality typing. Within the Neurogram® there are two dynamic systems: a short term dynamic moving away from stress towards relaxation and a long term dynamic leaving bad luck behind and gaining more good luck in your life.
  2. The Neurogram® is limited to your personal style. That means that with the help of NLP you can still become whatever you want to be while at the same time you can always do this in your own personal style.
  3. The statistical method of determining your Neurogram® type will always come up with the same personality type no matter when or how many times you take the test.

What this means for you is that when you combine NLP with the Neurogram® you get the best of two worlds. The hardware and software of the mind work in harmony with each other. You experience less stress and relax more. And most important: you run into less bad luck and get more good luck. We have a complete specialist website for the Neurogram® which also includes a very nice free guide to the Neurogram®. You can find this specialist website here: the Neurogram®