NLP Delhi welcomes you

NLP Delhi welcomes you to find more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Delhi and the NCR. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a tool for personal development and spiritual growth developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler. In the past forty years it has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways of improving your life, communicating better with other people and achieving your goals.

In 2016 NLP Delhi did a try-out of the Spiritual NLP Practitioner course and eveyone involved in the programme was so enthusiastic about it that NLP Delhi decided to come back every year. So the next NLP training programme that you can participate in is the Spiritual NLP Practitioner in 2019/2020. NLP Delhi provides you with top notch local organizers in combination with some of the best international Licensed NLP Trainers™ and Licensed NLP Master Trainers™.

The Spiritual NLP Practitioner is a completely licensed and certificated programme. After completing the programme you receive a Licensed NLP Practitioner™ certificate from The Society of NLP®. This certificate is signed by your trainers, the president of The Society of NLP® John La Valle and Richard Bandler, the genius who created NLP in the 1970s. On top of that you’ll receive a license to make use of The NLP Seal of Quality in recognition of the quality NLP training that you received and for the promotion of the services you can provide as a Licensed NLP Practitioner™ to others.

The free NLP guide by NLP Delhi

The NLP Delhi website is here to inform you about what NLP is and what NLP can do for you. NLP is special in the sense that unlike many other methods for self development, NLP is easier done than said. For that reason NLP Delhi provides you with a free NLP guide that contains the four most important NLP techniques for a better life. This guide teaches you:

  1. how to stop any unwanted feeling and replace it with a strong positive feeling;
  2. how to neutralize past bad experience;
  3. how to stop worrying about the future and replace worries about the future with a vision of the future that exhumes confidence, strength and relaxation;
  4. how to stop a negative inner dialogue and replace it with constructive inner self talk.

On top of that NLP Delhi uniquely works with the Neurogram®. The Neurogram® is the neurological version of the Enneagram, an ancient way of personality typing. The Neurogram® is specially created to make the Enneagram compatible with NLP.

For all the reasons stated above NLP Delhi is very confident that when you want to improve your life with NLP the first upcoming training programme in 2019/2020 is the way to start. So go ahead and download the free NLP guide, and experience how powerful NLP is in transforming your life before you sign up with the Spiritual NLP Practitioner course in Delhi: